A medic who was 'raped' by a doctor has denied lying about her alleged ordeal to make him out to be a "total rat".

Imran Khan, 40, is alleged to have raped the woman in her Glasgow flat back in 2017.

Khan's lawyer questioned the woman and claimed she was "happy" to have sex with him.

It had been heard in Glasgow's High Court earlier in the trial that Khan had asked himself into the woman's house for a cup of tea before he allegedly unzipped her clothes.

She claims she did not sleep with him but rather he "proceeded to have sex with her".

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She told jurors that she later “cried and cried” after Khan left.

Khan's lawyer Louise Arrol put to her: "Your clothes were down because you were happy and content for this to happen?”

But the witness replied: "Not true."

The court then heard how Khan texted the woman in the hours after the alleged rape.

They were described as being in “friendly terms”. This included him offering to help the woman with the move to her new post.

She today told jurors: “It was uncharacteristically nice for him.”

But, Miss Arrol said to her: “That is an example of you making him look like a total rat?”

The woman responded: “No.”

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The advocate said the woman had made no attempt to “block” Khan's messages.

She replied: “I did initially, but he just kept texting.”

The court heard how the alleged victim was asked: “How did you feel?”, to which she replied: “Violated. I just wanted him to leave.”

The questions continued: "Did you consent to sex with him?”, to which she said: "no".

The medic added: “I told him several times.”

The woman told how she “cried and cried until falling asleep”.

The trial continues.