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Who can run Scotland?

AND who would you replace Nicola Sturgeon with (Letters, July 12), Ruth? I don’t think so. Richard Leonard, caretaker of the Scottish Branch of the Labour party that treated Scotland as a useful source of votes but gave little in return? Give me a break. Or Willie Rennie? Let’s not even go there.

Though not an SNP supporter, I have to admit I can’t see any other party that is currently putting the needs of Scotland first rather than serving the needs and obeying the directives of their Westminster masters. How many times in the past have Scots been screwed over by Tory, Labour and Lib Dem politicians when in power?

Instead of denigrating the party currently in power we should be demanding better quality from the opposition. Convince us all that you are not just puppets of the Westminster parties, convince us all that you will always back Scottish interests to the hilt rather than follow the party line, even when it is obvious that the party line is detrimental to Scotland. Convince us all that you have policies to improve the lives of all Scots and not just a simple anti-independence rhetoric.

If the opposition parties can commit to doing all that, I have only one question remaining: why weren’t you doing all this before?

Tommy Hannah, posted online

In a time warp

TO be fair to Oasis legend Noel Gallagher (Evening Times, July 12), we are not far off a third world country. Head down Govanhill or Easterhouse or Drumchapel or take a walk around the city centre and you can see how far behind modern countries like England, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. It’s like we're stuck in a time warp.

Gerry McGonigle , posted online

Clean up and cheer up

Like you couldn’t tell reading the news day in day out is, we’re always miserable.

People make Glasgow. Glasgow makes unhappy people. I personally love Glasgow but it’s a midden.

Too much rubbish everywhere.

S M, posted online