THE issues getting our readers talking today:

Time to enjoy the game

As a football fan, Celtic being my team, I have to say that Neil Cameron’s article on the ugly side of the game was absolutely spot on.

We seem to live in an age where we take exception to the most modest of opinions which don’t correlate to our perception of the world at large.

Social media and the mentality that you can say the most hurtful and outrageous things without facts to back it up has created a poisonous atmosphere.

As Neil states, life is very difficult and there are many worrying issues being exploited by dubious leaders and commentators, but football is a game. Let’s return to the ethos of enjoying the beautiful game.

MA, Glasgow

Drug deaths shock

SNP blaming Westminster for these figures, unbelievable.

If there were safe drug taking rooms the figures would still be horrendous.

“Never their fault” – Sturgeon and Co want to get their heads out the sand and get back to their day jobs.

Gary Wilson, posted online

Festival disgrace

I totally agree with comments about the behaviour of revellers at TRNSMT over the weekend.

My sister and friends had the exact same experience.

I’ve been to festivals both UK and abroad and never seen these types of issues.

Kim Ayers, posted online