Bring Halls to life

THE Egyptian Halls (Evening Times, July 19) has been a dead building for as long as I remember but it would be great to bring it back to life. Glasgow is one of Europe’s top short break destinations and a hotel sounds workable, but also needs some life such as a restaurant on the bottom floor.

Andrew Burns, posted online

Buy it back

I’ve asked before why so many of our historical buildings are on sale to the highest bidder? If that has to be the case then at least the facade should remain the same and if a buyer sits back and does nothing, then yes, compulsory purchase is essential, at the price that was initially paid or less.

Anne McCurley, posted online

Thug’s cushy fate

Another cushy sentence for a violent female thug (Evening Times, July 18). A woman is punched and kicked unconscious in the street.

Her attacker gets fined £500 and 180 hours of unpaid work which we all know never gets fulfilled.

Why do we bother having jails?

We really need to have a serious look at those on the bench.

LJT, Glasgow

Parking problems

The only reason Dennistoun is congested by parked cars (Evening Times, July 19) is because the City Council deliberately engineered it.

Prior to painting double yellow lines on Townmill Road, Bell Street, Bain Street, Hunter Street, the Sidney/Melbourne Street block and introducing pay and display on Duke Street, Fir Park Street and Wishart Street,there was no problem.

Ronnie Simpson, posted online

Running out of road

I lived in Dennistoun in the 70s and it was impossible to park back then. The issue is quite simple, too many flats and not enough road.

The council then put yellow lines everywhere making it even worse.

Paula Barclay, posted online