Poor customer service

Sometimes you have to wonder why some people are in business at all.

The number of times I have contacted local businesses to carry out some work, being given promises that they ‘would be round first thing in the morning or next Monday’ etc only for...nothing.

Nobody turns up, there is no call or text to tell you they cannot make it for whatever reason. Nothing. You call them back and they give you some story about how sorry they are and will be round first thing and, you guessed it...nothing.

It makes you wonder how they actually make a living as they don’t appear to care that they have caused such inconvenience and wasted time waiting on someone to do their job.

MA, Glasgow

Queen should step in

The Queen may be dragged into the Brexit debate by senior MPs it’s been claimed, Oh heaven forbid, But then why not? It is after all HM Government, she is head of state, the ruling monarch that asks the PM to form a government on her behalf.

All laws made by Parliament are passed for the crown. Personally I think she should have intervened a long time ago.

Maybe her ministers would have acted with a bit more decorum, maybe the EU bullies wouldn’t been so bullying. And maybe the mess pile wouldn’t be so high. If there’s anyone on the planet that has some influence it’s HM Queen Elizabeth ll.

Richard Low, Twechar

Thank you Beatson staff

On Friday I received my last Radiotherapy treatment at the Beatson Cancer Centre and I would like to thank all the staff and nurses, but a special mention to the radiographers at treatment room ‘C’. They made me feel at ease through all my treatment. Thanks.

I would suggest all males should go for a PSA blood test which can detect prostate cancer and if found early can be treated


W Smith, Renfrew