Sauchiehall Street woes

With reference to

Catherine Hunter’s article on the new Sauchiehall Avenue

, I was there on Tuesday and did admire the work that had been done to it at street level.

Look above and all you can see is, in particular on one side of the street empty shops, dilapidated buildings with weeds growing from them.

I noticed some tourists strolling along, what they thought of it all, I dare not think. Can the council not make the owners of the buildings do something to clean up Sauchiehall Street to make it the street that Glaswegians used to be proud of?

What’s the point of going so far, but not far enough?

Kathleen Johnston, via email

Not in the real world

Nicola Sturgeon has said Boris is divorced from reality just like Trump.

I’ve got news for you Nicola – they’re not the only ones.


Boris Johnson to become next Prime Minister

Every sitting MP, MSP and local councillor up and down the nation are all detached from the real world, And that’s just here.

The EU, the senate in America, and just about every other power-hungry hub around the planet are all living in cloud cuckoo land, God help us all.

Richard Low, Twechar

Pedal power plan for city

”Strong public support” for cycling? For leisure (

Pedal power to deliver goods and passengers to City Centre, Wednesday

), yes but there’s also strong public support for people to take up running. But not to work or to go shopping.

Jimmy Trainor, posted online

Aye great! They cannot fit through traffic, good in cycle lanes. So sit with all the car driver queues to get through. Good in Scottish weather?

Why not electric trikes, which are available?

Sinclair Fadden, posted online