Democracy matters

Jo Swinson MP, the new leader of the Liberal Democrats, has done us a favour with her outrageous comments that she would not accept the result even if we voted for Brexit again in a second referendum, and that she would not vote for any resulting deal in Parliament.

Currently, the Liberal Democrats unique selling point is as they rather coarsely put it ‘bollocks to Brexit’. On that basis, they came second in the Euro-elections.

However a party with the word ‘Democrats’ in its name, is skating on particularly thin ice, when its leader promises to ignore the results of not one, but two referendums.

Nor is this hardline attitude unique to Ms Swinson and her party.

Caroline Lucas, the Green’s sole MP, has stated that in similar circumstances of a second referendum vote to leave, she would probably not vote for any resulting deal in Parliament.

By their own words these hardliners like Jo Swinson and Caroline Lucas demonstrate both that a second referendum would be pointless, and more fundamentally, their contempt for democracy.

Of course, Brexit is not the only issue, where fanatics ignore the results of referendums; with monotonous regularity Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP demand that we vote again on Scottish independence.

All to many progressive politicians are forgetting that respecting the will of the people, as expressed in general elections

and referendums, is fundamental to democracy.

Otto Inglis, via email

Now that’s greatness

I WAS born in 5 Tower Street, Kinning Park 1955. In your paper (which I buy all the time) you ask “ who is the greatest Glaswegian of all time?”

Well can I say, to me, there were several greatest Glaswegians who were involved in me and my brothers’ and sisters’ lives, my mum, my dad, and our extended family.

We were looked after in times that were tough, and no doubt every family growing up in Glasgow, past and present, would say the same.

So why not praise all the mums, dads and extended Glasgow families who bring up, or brought up, families in Glesga.

Just a thought.

Now that would be excellent!

Jim Tees, Glasgow