Extreme danger

It is suggested that all parties elect their leader in the same fashion that Johnson was elected from within the Tory party. But it can be used as a backdoor method for extremists like Johnson and his cohorts to circumvent normal electoral pathways. If someone is elected by this internal method it should trigger an immediate general election so they can put their programme to public at large. We now have an extreme right wing Tory Government, aided and abetted by the DUP, that most of us find abhorrent.

M A, Glasgow

Don’t ban Boris

I’m no fan of Boris or his politics, (Rally against new Prime Minister , July 23). But this is not some uni debate night and you can’t no platform everyone you disagree with and ban them from entering the country.

Steven Park, posted online

Talking nonsense

Top Tory toffee nose Jacob Rees-Mogg has issued a set of rules for his staff to follow whilst in office, This includes a set of banned words they MUST NOT say plus a requirement to use imperial measurements, Really? This is a direct assault on freedom of speech. No-one has the right to order other people how to talk. As long as you’re not being hateful or discriminatory then you are allowed to speak in which ever manner you like. Only days into power and the totalitarian regime has started.

Richard Low, Twechar

What a mess

FRIDAY’S Evening Times shows that by far the worst fly-tipping figures are for Glasgow Southside Central, Nicola Sturgeon’s constituency. But hey, rather than spend the money on something useful, let’s celebrate by having a carnival parade through the mess up to Queen’s Park. Disgusted.

G Carlin, via email