Benefits despair

PAUL Murphy (July 29 )

is very fortunate that he had no problems when moving onto Universal Credit. As someone who has worked in the benefits system for a number of years, I have seen at first hand the carnage caused to individuals and families by the introduction of this benefit. People left without any cash for weeks on end and driven to food banks to help feed their families, individuals in utter despair. That is why people are complaining, Paul.

M A, Glasgow

Time for sacrifice

I TRUST that those who took part in school climate strikes are refusing to go on holiday with their parents if it involves flying No travelling in their parents’ petrol/diesel car, no iPhones or computers, no goods from China, India, Japan or Indonesia, no wood burning stoves, they must refuse to eat food cooked by gas and turn off gas central heating. Finally no climate changing burgers and chips, lamb chops or tasty bacon for them despite there being 1 billion cattle, 1 billion sheep and 900 million pigs in the world.


School student climate change strikes see thousands take to streets

Reducing emissions involves sacrifice.

Clark Cross, via email

Seagull bullies

Regarding trouble with seagulls in Glasgow, so may people have complained to the council over the years and been totally ignored.

The pond at Glasgow Green across from Shawfield Stadium has had swans and ducks, with people enjoying taking children to feed them for years.


Glasgow traffic cam photobombed by seagull

Not now - the seagulls have taken over eating everything that is thrown in the pond, with the poor swans and the ducks getting nothing.

There have been written complaints, online complaints, phone complaints and reporting the matter to the men driving vans in the park. Still nothing. These are the same people who gave Glasgow the motto People Make Glasgow.

Yes, making people scared with all the screeching of vicious seagulls and not being able to enjoy a park the have always loved.

A Mackay, Glasgow