AN ANGRY cyclist, who berated police and two ambulance crews who were trying to help him has been convicted.

Esayas Neguse, 32, claimed he was pushed off his bike on the way to buy paint for his Govan home.

But, when police and an ambulance crew turned up Neguse snubbed their help.


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Instead, he called a taxi, bundled his damaged bike into it and ordered the cabbie to take him to Helen Street Police Office. At the police station furious Neguse threw his bike to the ground and wanted to take a photograph of the damage.

Police there, who thought Neguse was under the influence of some substance, called an ambulance.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that Neguse filmed police officers and refused to stop despite being asked on a number of occasions.

Neguse pleaded guilty to acting in a threatening and abusive manner in Helen Street Police Office and hindering a police officer in the course of his duty.

Sheriff Aisha Anwar ordered Neguse to carry 63 hours unpaid work and told him: “Your conduct was entirely unacceptable.


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“Ambulance and police staff who were there to assist you were instead met with someone who was aggressive and refused to listen to them.”

She told Neguse if he breaches the order he will be brought back to court.

Prosecutor John Bedford said: “At the police station Neguse became extremely aggressive towards police and ambulance crews by shouting, swearing and pointing. It was thought he was under the influence of a substance."

He was warned about his behaviour but continued to act aggressively.

Mr Bedford added: “He threw the bike on the floor and shouted to the officer that he wanted him to take a picture of the damage to his bike.”