Slavery nonsense

What a load of nonsense (Glasgow Uni to fund £20m project after slavery link emerges, August 2).

‘Evil’ Europeans didn’t simply send ships and crew to round up natives (of whichever country) and whisk them off for sale.

Arabs in the north were involved as were various black traders rounding up members of different tribes, not for the fun of it but for various goods, tools etc.

‘Evil’ whites couldn’t have done it without the local Arab/black population’s help.

The slave trade had nothing to do with anyone living today so why is the ‘guilt’ aimed at only ‘evil’ whites?

How much cash is being given by Arab countries which supplied the black slaves, and for that matter African countries whose various tribes captured and sold those unfortunates?

Is white guilt never-ending?

Alex Guy, posted online

How far back?

The past is a foreign land, and exploiting present generations for sins of the forbears is a dangerous path to take.

How far do we go back to apologise, should the Normans trace people with Anglo-Saxon ancestors and offer compensation?

It’s just another agenda which you would hope a learned institute would distance itself from.

There are still approximately eight million slaves on the African continent today. Slavery is about wealth not race.

Douglas Wesley Calbert, posted online

Consistent stance

Well done Glasgow University. Just as it led in the abolition of slavery, so it is leading in acknowledging the benefits it reaped from the slave trade. A very consistent stance to take.

Gregor Cox, posted online