Boris offer is a joke

I WOULD just like to say that

Nicola Sturgeon offering to show Boris Glasgow is a joke

There is no way she will take him to her constituency of Govanhill. I have lived in Govanhill since 1992 and I can confirm the change in the area that she is supposed to take care of. She is only interested in independence and has no interest in anything else. She is a joke in her own area.

Come along with her and take her and Boris down Allison Street and into the schools that she has had to introduce washing machines to attempt to rid of bedbugs. Backcourts that people don’t want to use for the mess and rats that are there.

Check out the Govanhill Community site on Facebook to see the pictures of the constant deprived area we now live in.

Bet Boris won’t get to see this.

Depressed tenant, via email

Gallery’s bad impression

I WALK past the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) which attracts a large number of tourists on a daily basis.


Glasgow is embracing street art says mural artist James Klinge

I can’t help to think what image of Glasgow is being portrayed as a city when a large crack runs down the windows at the back of the building and red barrier taped across missing railings.

Name and address supplied

More Chase repeats

Bradley Walsh must be a multi-millionaire by now with the number of repeats of The Chase on ITV.


The Chase star Paul Sinha diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at 49

It’s really getting ridiculous when they are being screened at peak viewing time on Saturday nights. What are the schedulers thinking about?

MA, via email

Parking controls move

Glasgow Council is proposing to enforce a charge of £85 a year to park outside my home on Cardross Street.

But as there are only about 32 parking bays to be put in and at the moment there are over 60 cars parked in the street overnight, so half the people will be paying £85 for nothing as there will be no parking spaces for residents. Glasgow City Council at its best.

Allan Stewart, via email