Positive move

Well done to the Tramway and Glasgow Life for trying to be inclusive towards religious people by making the toilets male and female again.

For many of us faith is a key part of our lives. And we are also very clear that males are males and females are females.

Women in particular should be able to have safe spaces where men cannot go.


Exceptionally dishonest': Tramway slammed as controversial toilets changed for religious event

Women’s voices should be heard if they are arguing for single sex provision.

John Mason, MSP for Glasgow Shettleston

Sturgeon’s belief

I SEE that Nicola Sturgeon believes that there is a growing sense of urgency for Scotland to become independent.

So let’s say that she gets another referendum, and it goes the way she wants, and she then attempts to rejoin the European Union. Will we have to join the Euro? What will Scotland be called when Europe becomes the United States of Europe, and when the United States of Europe sets up a United States of Europe army, etc.


New poll shows majority of Scots in favour of independence

But if the referendum does not go my way “can I get another, then another, then another until I get the result I want”?

Again I will say, why should I bother voting, unless they put an addition to the ballot paper where I can go in and register that I have voted but I do not wish to vote for any of the candidates.

Jim Tees, via email

Embrace ‘Civic Pride’

With council cuts to public services, the need of people to embrace ‘Civic Pride’.

By using bins, or voluntarily litter picking couldn’t be higher.

As the mess of our city is shameful and totally avoidable.

‘Civic Pride’ brings a community together making us feel good about where we live and work.

Once people realise that they’ll start to feel part of the solution, not just complain about the problem.

Jill Ferguson, Thornwood