It’s time to wake up

Nicola has a great knack for making us laugh with her column in the Evening Times.

Her latest – that Scotland’s business will be hurt by leaving EU without a deal may or may not happen but Scotland leaving the UK will definitely decimate Scottish business.


Nicola Sturgeon's column in the Evening Times

Come on people of Scotland, wake up and get rid of Nicola and her ridiculous incompetent government.

William Caldwell, Glasgow

Promise to clean-up city

Jill Ferguson has a really good point when she talks about ‘Civic Pride’ regarding the amount of litter etc, across the city.

I really think this should be on the curriculum in schools from a very early age to inculcate the ideas of social responsibility and being a good citizen.

However, that does not mean that councils should cut back on their responsibility to ensure a decent environment.


Illegal fly-tippers leave Paisley home like landfill site

The current Glasgow City Council was elected on a promise to clean up the city and has failed miserably.

The amount of weeds in street gutters and pavements is a disgrace.

The Springburn Express is a classic example of an area looking like a concrete jungle all the way down to the Royal Infirmary.

Get your finger out, GCC.

MA, Glasgow

Weight loss star

Good on you Lynn (

Mum sheds more than eight stone after son tells her she’s ‘no fun anymore’, Wednesday


It is great that you highlight diet and nutrition as a lot of people do not understand that you will never get a six pack in the gym.

You will only acquire that in the kitchen. This is the key to the door and it is difficult at first to understand.

Keep it up – excellent example to others and not just women.

Martin James, via email