A GLASGOW teenager who was stabbed after getting involved in a drunken fight is hoping to persuade other young people to steer clear of violence.

Gerard Britton, 18, from Barlanark, is fronting a new campaign by the Princes Trust which hopes positive role models can have an impact on young people deemed ‘at risk’ of anti-social behaviour.

Gerard said: “Where I grew up, things like drinking too much and fighting are normal.

“One night, a situation boiled over and I was stabbed. I don’t remember much, apart from thinking I was now in dangerous, possibly fatal situations and I knew I had to make a change.

“It was hard and finally I realised I needed to ask for help. The Prince’s Trust has been instrumental in helping me to change my life and I love my job and the people I work with.”

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Two-thirds of young people in the UK think having positive role models would help to reduce violent crime among young people, while 45 per cent believe there are not enough alternative activities.

Gerard is now a support worker with Quarriers and is backing the Princes Trust’ Amplified campaign, which will be launched today and is also promoting a range of free activities for young people.

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He said: “If young people share our experiences and the things we’ve been through, we can have a powerful impact on other young people whose lives are at risk of taking a negative turn.”

“Even if I change just one person’s life for the better it will be worth it, but I believe long-lasting change will be made by giving young people role models who are relatable and who direct them to the services and support they need.

“This is what Amplified aims to do and I’m proud to be part of it.”