Time flies when you’re the cutest kid on the block.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since Liam Salina was the winner of the 2018 Times Tots competition but, reader, there you have it. Last year 2 year old Liam scooped up the first prize after his mother Breigh submitted a picture of him and shared it on her social media. A year on, is Liam now the Mariah Carey of the toddler world?

“It was so good to win” Liam’s brother Breigh said. “I was really shocked about it but what an achievement. I still have his trophy to keep, to show him when he’s older.”

Evening Times:

“My friend told me about the competition, and I entered him with a picture that I took on my phone and shared it on social media.”

Liam was a blessing to the family, arriving after Breigh suffered a heartbreaking pregnancy loss.

“Liam is just a typical boy now and loves climbing and jumping about.”

“He’s not three until November, then he’ll be going to nursery. It’s stressful because he’s still my baby! But it will be great for him. He likes babies but he won’t be getting anymore from me” jokes Breigh.

Among winning a trophy and other bits, Breigh won £250 vouchers for The Forge. Did they go to good use?

Evening Times:

“I spent the vouchers on clothes for Liam – they grow that quick”, says Breigh. “He’s a big boy – he’s quite tall for his age so people mistake him for being older than he is.”

The Times Tots competition is back, and the Evening Times will be at the Forge Shopping Centre from Wednesday until Sunday. It is free to enter, and the competition is open to all children under 5. The winner this year for the top prize could walk away with £1500 travel gift card from Stewart Travel & Jet 2 Holidays, £1000 cash, £250 gift card for the Forge Shopping Centre and a Times Tots winning trophy.

“Liam will definitely use it as his chat up line for years to come – I was the cutest baby in 2018. He’ll have them lining up – not too many, I hope!”