SHE only moved into the care home a year ago and still has "an eye for the men" according to staff but Doris Murray says there is no secret formula for living past 100 explaining: "It's all in the genes."

The hardy 103-year-old has navigated her way through more than ten decades without any serious health problems and is only now starting to suffer from memory loss.

However, despite longetivity running in the family - her father died in his 90s - according to her niece Sheila Ogilvie, 78, Doris has lived an active life and was playing bowls regularly up to the age of 80.

She moved into Cumbrae House Care home a year and a half ago after suffering a number of falls.

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Doris was born on August 18, 1916 in Springburn, to Liverpool-born parents, when the UK was two years into the first world war and in the midst of the Somme Offensive, which resulted in more than 300,000 deaths.

She worked in a fishmongers in the local Coop in Springburn before taking a job as a librarian at Jordanhill College where she worked for most of her life after taking a break to care for her parents.

Evening Times:

She married Edward Murray, a baker from Springburn, at the age of 24 and the couple spent 58 years together living in Petershill, Balornock and Bailleston before his death in 1999.

Family, including Sheila's sister Sandra Cooper, 74, and friends gathered to celebrate the remarkable milestone on Sunday at Cumbrae House Care Home in St George's Cross with a cake gifted by Greggs.

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Sheila said: "She's marvellous. She is starting to lose her memory a bit now but that's really it. She takes about one pill I think.

"She doesn't have a secret though - she says it's all in the genes. Her father lived until his 90s and her aunties lives to a good age. She was always quite active though, she played bowls up until she was 80."

A care worker at Cumbrae House said: "As long as she has a cup of tea and cake in her hand she's happy and she's still got an eye for the men."