A man who carries knives for his own protection was jailed for six years today for brutally stabbing a man in a murder bid.

Mark Cameron lured his victim from his flat before repeatedly wounding him in a knife attack.

Cameron, 30, twice tripped up Ian Doran during a struggle at a close in Balfour Street, in Glasgow, before using the weapon on him.

He originally faced a nine-year sentence but it was reduced on account of his guilty plea.

Lord Turnbull also ordered that he should be kept under supervision for a further three-year period.

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Cameron earlier admitted attempting to murder Mr Doran in the attack on May 26 this year.

After ringing the buzzer, he was invited into the close of his victim’s flat where he pulled a six-inch blade.

Mr Doran could be heard shouting “no don’t” as he was repeatedly stabbed by Cameron before eventually managing to get his attacker out of the building.

Police arrived to find a pool of blood at the entrance to the close and followed bloody footsteps up the stairs to the victim's flat.

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Mr Doran sustained nine stab wounds to his back and chest and suffered a collapsed lung in the murder bid.

Defence counsel Geoffrey Forbes said Cameron offered his apologies to the victim and his partner who went to his aid.

"He is a man who carries knives, as he sees it, for his own protection in the area where he lives," he said.