A supporters’ group has thrown its weight behind controversial plans to move one of Scotland’s most historic football clubs out of its home town.

Dumbarton FC wants to quit its current ground under the town’s iconic castle to for a new 4000-seat stadium on a greenfield.

The club’s owners, an offshore firm, had parked local concerns and their planned switch will release the current site for housebuilding. They also plan to build homes next to their new ground.

However, previously sceptical fans have come around to the move. The chairman of the The Sons Supporters Trust (Sonstrust), Brian Payne, said: “We want Dumbarton FC to have a thriving future, with fans and the community at its heart. “A sustainable community stadium development could create major opportunities for us and for the local area, which we want to be fully part of.”

The club will put its plans to West Dunbartonshire Council at the end of next month. It has been trying to muster support for its new site, called Young’s Farm, for a decade.

Dumbarton says it will use the money from the homes it will build to put up the stadium and other community facilities, including public pitches.

Chris Stainton, on behalf of the Dumbarton Board, said: “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Dumbarton Football Club and for Dumbarton.

“We have worked hard to get the best proposals possible to bring forward fantastic new facilities that create a sustainable future for our club, and that also create some of the very best community football facilities in Scotland.

“These proposals also support the council’s aspirations to regenerate Dumbarton town centre and develop and improve Dumbarton Castle as a world class visitor attraction. We need as many people as possible to give these proposals a ‘thumbs up’ to make this happen.”

The Championship club, which is the most successfully part-team team in Scotland, also said that it had won support from local youth and amateur football groups.

Colin Nicholson, the chairman, of the Dumbarton Football Development League, said: “An investment like this is a win-win for the club, but just as importantly it is a win for all the youngsters involved in football in the wider community.

“This is more than an investment in the future of a club, vitally important though that is, it’s actually an investment in the future of our young people as well. We endorse it totally.”

Dumbarton left its historic home at Boghead for its current site at Dumbarton Rock two decade ago. Some fans have expressed concern about opaque ownership structures.