Scotland is being urged to brace itself as the nation is set to be battered by icy winds from the North Pole - with temperatures set to drop as low as -11C.

The deep freeze will be the worst to attack Britain since the cold snap of 2012/13 when much of the nation all but came to a standstill because of snow and ice.

Just one day into the end of British Summer Time, the Met Office’s outlook for the month ahead has forecast a “rather cold” early November followed by temperatures that are below-average for this time of year.

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Atlanta-based group The Weather Company has issued the strongest warning.

Todd Crawford, chief meteorologist at The Weather Company, said: “We expect the coldest winter in the UK since 2012-13.

“We expect extended spells with a ridge of pressure in the North Atlantic, especially in early winter.

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“This forces the jet stream up to the Arctic and back down into Europe, releasing Arctic high pressure from near the Pole directly into northern Europe, with colder-than-normal temperatures.”

AccuWeather senior meteorologist, Alan Reppert, added: “Snow and ice will be a much higher threat this winter.

“There is a higher-than-normal potential for temperatures below -10C further north, and also cold temperatures further south.”

The freezing cold snap will be a result of Atlantic weather patterns that will send jet stream winds up to the Arctic and then south to Scotland.

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The developments come on the day much of Glasgow and its surrounding areas woke up to the first widespread frost of the season with temperatures in some places dipping below zero.

Sunday night saw temperatures broadly plummet into low single figures, with much of the UK waking up to frost on the ground.

As the day progresses, the coldest temperatures will be felt in Scotland - Glasgow in particular - where the mercury will struggle to rise above 8C.

The south, on the other hand, it will be a milder 12C (53.6F) to 13C (55.4F).