1 Benny Hawkins:

Paul Henry played the bumbling handyman with the woolly hat for 13 years.

2 Miss Diane: Susan Hanson played the maid for 21 years before her character was controversially killed off.

3 David Hunter: Suave co-owner of the motel, the storyline "Who shot David Hunter?" took on JR proportions. He was played by Ronald Allen.

4 Amy Turtle: The motel cleaner, played by Ann George, was written out after being convicted of shoplifting.

5 Adam Chance: Tony Adams played the moustachioed ultra-suave motel manager killed off in a fire.

6 Shughie McFee: Glaswegian Angus Lennie - best known for his role as Ives 'The Mole' in The Great Escape - was the motel cook.

7 Meg Richardson: Later Meg Mortimer, Noele Gordon was the long-running hotel owner in the first episode in 1964.

8 Doris Luke: Was played by Kathy Staff, who also starred in Last Of The Summer Wine.

9 Anne Marie Wade: The receptionist was played by Dee Hepburn of Gregory's Girl fame.

10 Jill Richardson: Jane Rossington spoke the first words on the opening show, "Crossroads Motel, good evening." She played the daughter of the owner of the Crossroads Motel.