THIS week some fantastic education statistics for Scotland and Glasgow were released, showing record numbers of school leavers going on to positive destinations, and that the number of schools meeting the Scottish Government's PE target has dramatically increased.

The figures show 90% of school leavers went on to a positive destination in March 2014 - the highest level on record.

As well as continuing education, school leavers are also much more likely to move on to training, employment and voluntary work, all of which offer leavers a progressive path leading on from school.

This news also demonstrates the strength of the world-class education system we have here in Scotland; just recently we saw Office For National Statistics figures showing that Scotland is the most highly educated country in Europe, with the numbers of people going on to higher and tertiary education just about the highest in the world.

The statistics also revealed that 100% of secondary schools - and 97% of primary schools - in Glasgow are meeting the Scottish Government's PE target of at least 100 minutes of PE per week in secondary schools, and 120 minutes in primary schools.

This is very encouraging, and shows that Glasgow's kids are becoming more active. With the legacy of the Commonwealth Games I'm sure they will become even more involved in sport and physical exercise.

I WAS delighted to attend the launch of Refugee Week at Glasgow's Old Fruitmarket, which was a vibrant celebration of this year's theme - 'Welcome.'

This theme is especially fitting with the Commonwealth Games bringing visitors from around the world to Scotland.

We hope to send a message that refugees and asylum seekers are welcome here in Scotland and we value and celebrate the contributions they make.

I was proud to lead a debate in the Scottish Parliament as part of Refugee Week on the need to create a more humane asylum process.

The current treatment of vulnerable asylum seekers who are fleeing unspeakable violence or persecution by the UK Government is abysmal.

I look forward to the day when an independent Scotland can close down Dungavel detention centre, end dawn raids and treat others with the dignity they deserve.

Meanwhile, with thousands of Scots looking forward to their summer holidays, it is concerning that the UK Government's Passport Office has been overwhelmed by applications and people's holidays are at risk.

The UK's Tourism Minister Helen Grant is completely out of touch when she said there is 'a lot to be said for a staycation' while she laps it up in Brazil.

We pay at least £70 for a passport, and expect a decent service.

If there was any delay like this in the workplace, heads would roll, and I hope the UK Government brings these delays under control as soon as possible so hardworking Scots are not left stuck without a passport.