I'VE BEEN lucky to experience many eye-opening moments in my life.

Seeing the absolute abject poverty in Malawi is certainly one of them.

However, we shouldn't forget that poverty isn't an abstract concept alien to us in Glasgow, as it still exists here on our very own doorstep.

As a politician representing the city of Glasgow in the Scottish Parliament, I work hard for the people who live here, and want the best for them.

I am gravely concerned by a recent report by the Campaign to End Child Poverty which has revealed that one in three children in Glasgow live below the poverty line.

It is completely unacceptable that in a country as wealthy as Scotland that we have children growing up in poverty, with their families struggling to make ends meet as Westminster's cuts agenda continues to hit.

The Scottish Government has a comprehensive Child Poverty Strategy for Scotland, which aims to increase household resources and family budgets, improve children's wellbeing and life chances and ensure that children from low income households live in well-designed, sustainable places.

We are also investing £81 million in the next financial year to help mitigate the effects of the UK Government's cuts which are hitting families the hardest.

However the hard work we are undertaking to tackle the causes of child poverty, as well as assisting those who need help the most, is undermined by Westminster's austerity agenda.

It is estimated that current benefit and tax credit policies will drive up to 100,000 more children living in Scotland into child poverty by 2020 - these policies are exacerbating the problem of child poverty rather than helping it.

This is why Scotland needs the powers to tackle poverty and inequality, and should have full responsibility over welfare and employment.

The Scottish Government has called for these further powers to be devolved to the Scottish Parliament in our submission to the Smith Commission.

These powers would allow the Scottish Government to create welfare policies which reflect the needs of the people of Scotland, and to ensure that families and children are helped rather than hindered by welfare choices.

With substantial economic and welfare powers, the Scottish Government will have the ability to replace austerity with prosperity.

I AM pleased that after a great summer of sport for Glasgow our sporting success as a city is continuing.

I'd like to congratulate Glasgow City FC on a great Champions League victory last week - once again the ladies showed the men how it should be done.

I would also like to congratulate head coach Eddie Wolecki Black, who after two years of hard graft, gained his SFA pro licence.

The team have made it to the last 16 of the Women's Champions League, and I'd like to wish them all the best for their upcoming match against FC Zurich.