POOR quality private rented housing in Govanhill has undoubtedly been one of the areas persistent problems.

Landlords not maintaining their properties and letting out substandard flats has led to people living in squalor - a situation that has exacerbated social problems.

Tenants not taking any pride in their surroundings and showing no respect for the people they share a neighbourhood with has led to divisions and tensions in the community.

The housing problem is not the only issue but if it can be tackled effectively it will go a long way to improving the area.

The programme to identify the worst properties and buy them up then repair them to an acceptable standard may seem like a drastic step but if it is the only way to ensure repairs then it is necessary.

The city council and Scottish Government have provided the cash for the programme and Govanhill Housing Association the will and the commitment to improve the streets.

The honest and decent majority of people of Govanhill have endured unacceptable conditions for years now and deserve this to be a success.

If so it really will be money well spent.