This may be the most exciting weekend of 2017 so far, well for little old me anyway. I'm sitting here like a kid on Christmas Eve thinking about what lies ahead over the next three days.

First up my sisters, my mother and I are off to the GFT tomorrow afternoon for the sing-along screening of one of my favourite films of all time, Calamity Jane. My sister Laura had seen it advertised online weeks ago and sent me link which read “Join us for a sing-a-long version of this Oscar- winning classic, starring Doris Day as the titular gun-toting, whip-cracking Wild West whirlwind.

Experience the much-loved tale of Calamity Jane afresh, as she rolls in on the Deadwood Stage to feud, fight and fall head over heels for Howard Keel’s Wild Bill Hickok. With effervescent Technicolor scenery and joyous musical numbers, this is the perfect chance to discover (or rediscover) a cinematic classic and belt out your favourite musical numbers.” I mean come on, what red blooded, musical loving woman could resist?

When I was growing up my gran used to love introducing me to the old movies. Her favourite star was Bob Hope and we used to roll about laughing at his films tucked up her yellow leather couch in her living room which was draped in pink and yellow satin swags and tails curtains around the windows.

Yes, her house was amazeballs. Our favourite film of all however was Calamity Jane. I adored everything about it especially when her pal Adelaide Adams aka Katie Brown moves into her run down wee cabin and in the space of a three minute and 30 second song does a changing rooms of epic proportions on it. Together they turn it into a gorgeous little home with flower boxes on the window ledges and fancy lamps on the fireplace, what wee year old from the East End wouldn't want to live their?

I’m not sure if it's a sell out tomorrow but for those of us lucky to have a ticket to the hottest hoedown in town, I've no doubt we’ll be giving it laldy and singing about the Deadwood Stage and of course our Secret Loves.

Talking of secret loves, the second reason why I'm so excited this weekend is that after the longest 14 months in the history of the world, the wait is finally over.

On Monday the first episode of Outlander Season Three drops on Amazon Prime for UK viewers and I am counting down the minutes until that little play button pops up on my Smart TV. Now everyone and their Highland granny knows how much I love this series, I've read all of the books, twice and it's fair to say that I have more than a crush on big Jamie Fraser himself even though I'm a very happily soon to be married wummin.

The main reason I love this show is that it's one gigantic advert for our beautiful country. The rolling green mountains, the luscious Lochs and streams and the gorgeous glen are all the stars of the show and are helping bring even more tourists flocking to our bonnie shores.

The fans are going crazy in anticipation of the new episode infact, there was actually a premiere screening of Season Three, episode one on Thursday night in Glasgow which I'm still in need of serious therapy to help come to terms with the fact that I didn't know about it until it was too late.

Judging from the teaser trailers I've seen online it looks like it's going to be sensational season. If you haven't seen the show yet fear not, Season One is currently being show in the UK on More 4 so you can join the rest of us in our obsession with the time travelling saga that's taken America and the world by storm. Oh yes Jamie Fraser back, in a kilt, possibly topless. If Carlsberg did TV heartthrobs.