Last week wasn't the best of weeks for me to be honest because it just seemed to be one thing after another, after another.

You see, whilst out walking with one of my walking groups, on the descent of a steep boggy hill I twisted my right leg, and although painful I had no choice but to keep walking for another torturous hour until I finally reached the bottom.

Following a long hot soak in the bath, painkillers and a bite to eat, I headed to bed assuming all would be ok in the morning.

And at first It felt like it was.

That was until I got off the train at Queen Street and started walking towards my office.

Suddenly pains started shooting up my right leg into my hip and very soon my whole leg went into spasm.

So there I was, slowly dragging my limp leg like a wounded animal until I finally reached the office.

Exhausted and tearful I picked up the phone.

"Don't worry Janice, I'll pick you up in twenty minutes and drop you at A&E," my son-in-law Tony kindly offered.

I studied the TV screen in A&E only to discover I had an approximate three hour wait until......

"Janice Bell." The nurse hollered around the waiting room.

Three second later.

"Janice Bell," she roared again.


"Ok, keep your hair on, I cannae walk any faster," I retorted rather loudly whilst hobbling towards her.

"Sorry," replied the nurse.

"I didn't see you there."

"No, Im sorry," I apologised.

"I'm in a lot of pain it's making me as crabbit as hell."

The babyfaced male doctor looked as though he still hadn't had his first shave, but I was just relieved to get taken much quicker than advised and started to explain how I came about my injury.

"Slowly walk up and down a few times please," he instructed after I had removed my clothing from the waist down.

At which point I really wished I had worn a giant pair of Bridget Jones knickers and socks that matched!

"I'll give you painkillers and you need to relax the muscles you have torn," he advised.

"But ........ You must also keep exercising your leg."

This contradiction confused me somewhat, but the agony of standing to even discuss it was too much to bear so I slowly hobbled into a taxi and headed home.

Next day I texted my son-in-law Tony to thank him for his good deed only to be informed that his mum had taken ill too and he was on his way to collect her from her work and take her to A&E!

"Oh no what next?" I thought.

The following day I phoned my sister to make sure my elderly parents were ok because on top of my leg injury I now had a sore throat and earache and didn't want to visit and pass on my germs.

"We're waiting on the emergency doctor coming out because dad's not too great at all," she explained.

"Goodness me, what next? I wondered.

"All this and it's only Wednesday."

However, come Thursday everything seemed ok.

Tony's mum was sent home from A&E with a prescription, my dad got stronger painkillers, I was hobbling better and my earache and throat seemed to be on the mend.

All was back to normal until my mobile rang.

"Hi mum," I could hear the tension in my daughter's voice.

"Is everything ok?" I dared to ask.

"Not really," she puffed anxiously.

"I took the kids to Pet World after school and Joey (my mischievous five-year-old grandson) poked his finger through one of the animal cages."

I dreaded what was coming next, but before I could ask further.

"And a giant white pet rat bit the end of his finger, he's crying and there's blood everywhere."

I could hear a commotion in the background as she added.

"The other kids in the shop are hysterical at the sight of all the blood and Joey's screaming that he's been bitten by a killer rat!"

As I was obviously rendered useless she didn't even ask me to help and exasperated added.

"Ill take Joey to the nurse mum and I hope your massage helps."

My friend had recommended a deep muscle massage and I reckoned it just might do the trick so lying naked on the thermal bed I was raring to go.

"Deep breaths Janice."

For the first time in days I began to relax.

Ring ring.

Ring ring.

My peace was quickly shattered as the therapist left the room to answer the bloody phone!

"Deep breaths Janice."

Ring ring.

Ring ring.

Off she popped again and I could feel my relaxing muscles begin to tense somewhat with the constant interruptions.

An hour later and £40 lighter I prayed that next week might just be a little less eventful.