Last week, regardless of any major disaster happening around the world, the big news story of the day was about a dippy woman who inadvertently ‘Let the cat out of the Bag’.

Big time!

To let you understand, The Great British Bake Off was about to air its tenth and demanding final episode after twelve bakers were whittled down to three finalists, each hoping to be crowned the 2017 winner.

The final episode had all the ingredients to attract 7.3 million viewers who were eagerly settling down to watch the show stopping, compelling grand finale where the winner would be announced.

Well... that was the plan anyway.

However, the morning of the final episode one of the Bake Off judges mistakenly posted on social media the name of the winner, spoiling the tense and exciting build up to the big announcement.

“The cat really was out of the bag,” my friend Mae concurred at our weekly get together.

And there began an outpouring of occasions when we blabbed or let slip details we most definitely shouldn’t have.

“I arranged a surprise dinner for my husband Bob’s big birthday,” Fiona began.

“And as he’s not the type of person who likes to be the centre of attention, I thought it best to keep it a simple affair and surprise him by inviting along his best friend David and his wife Sheila whom he hadn’t seen for a couple of years.”

According to Fiona she kept the surprise visit a secret for over four weeks.

“Even when Bob mentioned that he hadn’t heard from David for a while I still managed not to spill the beans.”

Fiona seemed quite chuffed with herself.

“Even when he suggested going to visit them in Portsmouth, I still didn’t squawk.”

“And... even when a birthday card arrived from David and Sheila, I still managed not to blab a word.”

I reckoned this couldn’t have been an easy task for Fiona because from past experience she revealed almost every secret she was entrusted with.

According to Fiona all was going to plan and David text her to say that he was in the restaurant having a drink with Sheila and looking forward to seeing the birthday boy.

“Hurry up Bob,” Fiona shouted for the umpteenth time.

“C’mon Bob the taxi is on its way.”

Bob was still fixing what was left of his hair.

“Bob,” she roared.

“The table was booked for eight and it’s 10 past.”

Apparently Bob couldn’t understand what the fuss was all about as it was just a meal booking after all.

“Coming,” he replied as he began to look for his shoes.

Finally losing the plot Fiona yelled.

“Bloody hell Bob, David and Sheila will have given up and gone home by now.”

“David and...”

“After four weeks I only had to keep my mouth shut for another 10 minutes.” Fiona sighed.

Mae is another of my pals who couldn’t keep a secret if her life depended on it.

“It’s such a blinkin burden.” She moaned.

“And the more you try not to say anything, the more it’s on your mind.”

“Whatever happens,” warned Sharon, who had organised a surprise pre-wedding party for Yvonne.

“Do not breathe a word.”

Knowing that there was no way she could keep the cat in the bag, Mae decided to avoid Yvonne at all costs until the day of the party.

And she did avoid Yvonne for two months refusing to be in her company at all costs.

“I’d rather be rude and avoid her than be responsible for ruining her big surprise,” she confessed.

“I kind of wish I had done the same,” Susan sheepishly admitted.

According to Susan to celebrate her aunt and uncle’s silver wedding, their children had secretly organised a huge party in the local town hall.

“Eighty guests from all over the country, and even Australia were invited and everyone had managed to keep the party a secret for almost five long months,” she explained.

“And when I bumped in to Uncle Robert and Aunt Marion in Hamilton Main Street they obviously had no clue that anything was afoot until...”

“Ok Uncle Robert, great to see you and we’ll have a wee dance or two on Saturday night.”

“A wee...” Uncle Robert’s mind was all over the place.

“Whit do you mean a wee dance Susan?”

Susan hoped he had misheard her but...

“Me and Moira are going out for a meal with the kids on Saturday night.”

According to Susan the penny dropped and she pleaded with them not to tell anyone that they now knew there was a ‘surprise’ party.

“Please act as thought you have no clue what’s happening,” Susan pleaded.

But then that became a burden for Robert and Moira who ended up blurting out that they knew about their ‘surprise’ party.

Apparently on the big night Susan received a very frosty reception!