Dedicated staff

WITH the spotlight firmly on our struggling NHS across the UK we must ensure we give as much praise and words of encouragement to our amazing, hard working, overstretched, and dedicated staff.

On complimenting a nurse in a supermarket, I was told her orthopaedic ward at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital is now a medical ward, to cope with excess numbers of flu patients, and its complications.

So if we must be critical, please ensure its Politicians to blame here, NOT our excellent frontline hospital staff.

J Ferguson, Thornwood.

Utter cruelty

I am writing with heartbreak and dismay after hearing about the poor 14 year old lost Border Collie cross Alsatian.

The poor thing has diabetes and is completely blind so why on earth was he let out on his own. If the person or people who own him aren’t able to take him out they should employ a dog walker or ask a willing member of their family or neighbour to take him.

I think its complete and utter cruelty to let Murdoch out on his own. I truly sincerely hope he’s found safe and well.

A Scott.

All hands on deck

I READ the story claiming families are washing relatives and bringing in blankets to help out nurses coping with the surge in flu cases.

In many places overseas, relatives tend to the needs of relatives. It’s the norm .Just remember we have a crisis at this moment so it’s all hands on deck to help.

Do the public not realise that a hospital with over 1600 beds uses loads of laundry so if people vomit there will be a short supply of bedding.

Come on stop moaning everyone should be doing their bit.

B Morrison, Glasgow.

Commendable Act

REGARDING Kezia Dugdale’s £5000 charity donation after receiving £70,000 for appearing on I’m a Celebrity....Get Me Out of Here.

Someone has goodness in their heart and commits a commendable act and gets slaughtered for it. Charities are extremely grateful that there are plenty of people like Kezia out there.

What a world we’d be in if it was run by these selfish detractors. And, I couldn’t give two hoots about which party she is or is not linked to.

M. Compact, Glasgow.