So how did your Valentine's Day go? Was it romantic? Was it like a scene from a Hollywood love story? Did you get roses delivered and go out for a romantic meal? Or maybe you plucked up the courage to finally confess your undying love to that co-worker or friend you've secretly fancied for years? Whatever you got up to, I hope it was fun but allow me to tell you what The Nimmo's got up to on Valentines night. Instead of going out and sitting in a posh restaurant eating spaghetti like those wee cuties in Disney's Lady and The Tramp film, we decided to stay in, pop open a bottle of pink champagne and scoff the new McDonald's Big Mac Grand burger that's been advertised everywhere recently. As I've mentioned in this column, I'm currently on my 46th diet attempt of 2018 so I've been abstaining from all fast food but as it was a special occasion I thought it would be ok and I'm happy to report it was absolutely delicious. Who said romance was dead eh? But I promise that was my one and only take away of 2018 because as Lent is now upon us I've decided to give up everything I've ever loved for the next 6 weeks including crisps, chocolate and takeaways so I'm going to be a joy to be around as you can imagine. Lent is one of those funny times of year when you start off full of great intentions and then it quickly descends into chaos becoming a savage survival of the fittest test as each one of your friends break spectacularly one by one, crashing off the Lent wagon. Only the brave and strong will make it to the finishing line on Holy Saturday and be crowned Mr or Ms Lent 2018 and I'm determined this year that it's going to be me. So wish me luck dear readers and if I'm MIA from next week's column you’ll know it's because I'm locked in the house with a 12 bag of spring onion tayto crisps, a bar of dark chocolate and Just Eat on speed dial. Hopefully it won't come to that.

I’m having the most wonderful week in rehearsals for Gone But Not Forgotten, a play that's performing all over South Lanarkshire this month. We performed the piece this time last year and it went down a storm so we are, very genuinely, back by public demand as they say. Staring myself, Car Harvey, May Miller, Andrew Agnew and Johnny Mac, fresh from his stint in panto at The Kings Theatre in Glasgow alongside Elaine C Smith, the play is a comedy set in a tenement flat in Glasgow dealing with the death Andrew Deans, a womanising, beer swigging husband and father. During the show, the audience go on a journey along with his wife, grown up children and their parish priest as they reminisce about the deceased, during which time secrets and shocking revelations are revealed with hilarious consequences.

It's not just that this play is really good but getting to work with such a talented, creative and funny group of people, who just happen to be your best pals, is just so lovely. How we’ve managed to learn our lines I'll never know as we’ve not stopped laughing since we stepped into the dressing room on Monday morning. So if you fancy a great night out to see a wonderful play then log onto and search for Gone But Not Forgotten.

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