George Square plans

In reference to the article in Thursday’s Evening Times on George Square – Glasgow has a population of more than 600,000, yet a consultation by the council, which I certainly never knew about, attracted 5000 participants and that gives way to a statement stating most of Glasgow wants a traffic-free George Square.

Another farcical consultation. What about the businesses, never mind the third busiest train station in Scotland, being situated there?

How will that be serviced? Another example of this spineless council getting others to decide, so they are blameless. Leave it alone and manage the city properly – that is your JOB after all.

Angry Glasgow citizen, via email

Pedestrianisation move

In theory I am in favour of the proposed pedestrianisation of George Square, but I would like your readers to consider the following points.

What about people, like me, who have mobility issues? I use two walking sticks and my mobility extends to a few hundred metres at best; by prohibiting motorised vehicles (especially buses) would mean that people like me would be permanently excluded from the amenities and activities of the square.


Glasgow reacts to suggestions for council's revamp of George Square

I also use the square as a transport hub: from there I can catch a bus to almost anywhere in Glasgow; the Ayrshire Coast; the SEC; the Riverside Museum and even the airport. (The Buchanan Bus Station is much too large for my mobility abilities.)

Another point I would like to highlight is what would happen to the streets that abut the square? I am referring to N & S Hanover Streets, N & S Frederick Streets, Cochrane Street, George Street, St Vincent Place, and Queen Street, etc.

Having to create a new East-West link would cause considerable re-routing of our already busy Glasgow streets adding to even greater congestion and confusion among motorists and may even lead to the demolition of certain buildings to create a passage-way through the city centre. I would therefore suggest that we leave George Square as it is – at least for the time being.

J D Ewski, via email