Show some compassion

Stewart Paterson made some excellent points in his column (July 5) regarding drug addiction.

People can be very judgemental when their fellow human beings get into difficulties or make bad choices, but as he says, most of us have done that at one time or another.

A little more compassion would make the world a better place for everyone.

S W, Glasgow

Tackle these thugs

What is it going to take before some action is taken (Youths hit firefighters with stones, Evening Times, July 4)?

Ambulances set on fire? Hard to believe a country with so many intelligent people can’t form a decent political party to take on the status quo and get this country back on its two feet and moving.

Tim Johnston, posted online

Hose them down

Wouldn’t it be great if the firemen could just turn their hoses on these idiotic young wretches?

Fergus Thomson, posted online

Hunting for votes

Jeremy Hunt has pledged to repeal the ban on Fox hunting and that, together with toadying up to the DUP, surely says it all about this slick oil salesman. Both he and Boris will be a disaster for the UK. Time for Scotland to finally break the chains from Westminster.

M A , Glasgow

Scary skatepark

I passed the Kirkintilloch skatepark a few weeks ago with my young grandson (Mass brawl at skatepark near Glasgow sees kids ‘covered in blood, Evening Times, July 4). Did not stop – kids openly drinking Buckie and smoking weed. No police presence.

Robert Walker, posted online

Time to tweet

The police have plenty of time to tweet about it just a shame they can’t drive or walk by and have a look now and then

Dan Ferguson, posted online