Forced off the roads

ONCE again residents and local businesses in the East End of Glasgow are to be deprived of public transport on a Sunday

due to another cycling event closing many streets, including Trongate.

Every time an event such as this takes place and buses don’t run local shops, pubs, cafes and the Barras market suffer a major loss of trade and local residents cannot enjoy a day out in their own city.


Let's Ride Glasgow closes down city centre roads

By all means cut back on the use of cars in the city centre and encourage cycling and other forms of active travel, but surely not at the expense of public transport.

Glasgow city centre retailers need all the help they can get as more people use out of town shopping centres and online shopping becomes more popular,.

Maybe the council should think again about shutting down the city for these events.

Billy Gold, Gallowgate

This event hits workers

When will the idiots in the City Chambers realise that not all people get weekends off?

I know they think the council tax is paid by thin air, but some people actually have to work to pay for bourgeoisie frivolities such as this bike event. Putting obstacles in their way constantly seems to be the tag associated with the SNP.

A general election is not too far away; enjoy your seats, as they will soon be taken away.

Brizo MacD, posted online

Closed minds

Not again! I’m sure shops and businesses will be delighted at this another day of disruption... aye right. Note to Glasgow City Council: why not just close down city centre roads permanently, you know you want to.

Pete Gibson, posted online

Poverty puzzle

I JUST don’t get this poverty thing in Scotland (

Poverty payouts for 37,000 families (Evening Times, Thursday)

. We are supposed to be, according to the SNP and

the First Minister, a “forward thinking, innovative, progressive country”, that can lead the world!

But we have still horrendous poverty, to third world proportions. How does that equate to Nicola Sturgeon’s drivel?

Fiona Andersson, posted online