It's almost Halloween and if you're out and about this weekend you will no doubt spot some spooky goings on in Glasgow and I don't mean the usual sights you see on a Saturday night out.

In fact it's been a spooky old week really to tell you the truth.

Picture this, I’m sitting eating my breakfast on Tuesday morning when my wee coupon suddenly popped up on the telly with the words "sexist remarks" underneath my name because of something derogatory some politician had said about me back in 2004.

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I turned up the volume and discovered I wasn't the only one in the firing line as Girls Aloud and musician Jamie Cullum were on his hit list too as was the entire LGBTIQ community it seems, what a charming man indeed.

I had never heard of this MP before in my life but apparently this clearly sexist and homophobic young chap also had the absolute cheek to be on the House of Commons Women and Equalities Select Committee too, yes I kid you not, which he has now quite rightly resigned from in jig time, phew.

The Labour Party have also suspended the MP in question while they investigate the misogynistic and homophobic comments he's alleged to have made but it does beg the question of how in Gods name does a wee cretin like this become a viable candidate for the party in the first place.

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If you look online apparently the main roles of a Member of Parliament are to review legislation and to represent local interests in Parliament at Westminster.

In the House of Commons, MPs scrutinise legislation, attend debates and committees, and generally protect, advocate and promote the interests of their constituency at a national level.

Also, in their constituency, MPs often hold a 'surgery' in their office, where local people can come along to discuss any matters that concern them.

MPs also attend functions, visit schools and businesses and generally try to meet as many people as possible. This gives MPs further insight and context into issues they may discuss when they return to Westminster.

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So I ask again if this is what is expected and required from an MP why was this guy even considered as a candidate as he seems to tick zero of these boxes?

Look, do I really care what he said about me 13 years ago? Absolutely not, in fact, I genuinely couldn't care less as the man is no oil painting himself but on a more serious note political parties really need to look at their selection process as it's clearly flawed.

I totally understand that politicians are human beings too and no one is perfect but come on? You can't have spouted out the wild things this guy has allegedly said publicly and then go on to be someone who represents a diverse and wide constituency and sit on a women's equality committee surely?

I don't want to see anyone lose their job but on this occasion I think this particular person has chosen the wrong career and that's putting it politely. We’ve all said and done silly things in the past but with highly offensive views like that, maybe working in public office wasn't his best decision.

On another note...

MY lovely and extremely talented friend Robert Miller is once again exhibiting his incredible artwork over the next few weeks at Soho on Miller Street in Glasgow.

Robert has painted the likes of Amy Winehouse, Paolo Nutini and Lorraine Kelly to name but a few and his artwork has been sold all over the world. This year the likes of George Michael and Rihanna will feature in Robert's exhibition but you’ll have to be quick if you want to purchase anything as some paintings already have a sold sign underneath them.

The exhibition opens on Monday and will run until November 30 so make sure you pop in to see Robert's work for yourself.