I went to a gig on Wednesday night. Now, I’m only telling you this because I very rarely go to gigs.

Well, certainly not in the past few years, mainly because I always seem to attract that one really drunk person who’s been in the pub all day in the lead up to the gig (nothing wrong with that to be fair, I’ve done it myself many a time) and they spot me in the crowd, recognise me and decide they’ll spend the rest of their night trying to video me or get a sneaky picture of me.

For example, when I went to see Celine Dion in the summer, she was in the middle of talking about the passing of her late husband when some guy spotted me and shouted out, “it’s Michelle McManus!".

"Haw hen, I love you, was that Simon Cowell a pure a**e in real life?”

I kid you not, absolute verbatim. Again people are always so lovely to me and I’m very lucky to still get recognised and be working, but you know that way when you just want to watch the gig you’ve been looking forward to for months?

I have to say the other 99% of the audience couldn’t have given two hoots I was there, quite rightly, well except for the woman who jumped on my back and tried to take a selfie of us both as I left the venue, but as they say it just always takes one.

Anyway back to this gig. My darling friend Stephen offered me a ticket to go see Alison Moyet at the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow.

I jumped at the chance as I’ve been a fan for years and I was really keen to hear her newer stuff as I’d heard great things about it.

The Royal Concert Hall is a beautiful venue, especially when it’s packed out like it was for Ms Moyet on Wednesday night and you could feel the excitement in the air as these fans were here to see their idol.

Thankfully there wasn’t a drunken guy in sight looking anywhere but the stage in anticipation of what was to come.

Suddenly the lights went down and from the darkness that unmistakable voice boomed through the room, spoken word with a light show to rival a Coldplay gig, dazzling the audience as the lady herself walked out on stage.

I was blown away by her very presence, she looked incredible and sounded even better.

Her songs and the whole vibe on stage was breathtaking, and what's more, the audience were fixated, hanging on her every word.

It was hypnotic really and without a doubt one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen.

Alison reminded us she’s 56 and a granny now, but on that stage she looked and sounded like the young girl I remember from my childhood, who I’d sing along with when she performed on TOTPS or when I heard her unmistakable voice on the radio.

It was a wonderful night and with rapturous applause and a well deserved standing ovation, I really hope Alison and her fellow musicians felt how much Glasgow appreciated this incredible woman's performance.

Hopefully it won't be too long until Alison Moyet returns again.

I hope everyone has a fantastic bonfire night on Sunday. We’ll all be at McManus HQ in Garrowhill for my Dad’s annual fireworks display, which is truly something to be seen.

I'll never forget my dad nailing a Catherine Wheel to our fence in the back garden and then watched it explode into a million pieces, blowing a gigantic hole clean through the fence and into our next door neighbour's garden.

It was like something from the Lethal Weapon movies.

Anyway thankfully my brother-in-law is a watch manager for Scottish Fire and Rescue and is there to supervise old daddy McManus. Stay safe everyone and have a great night.