I'm absolutely delighted to say that I am indeed performing lead vocals on a charity single, due out for release on November 24.

It's a cover of the 1984 Sir Paul McCartney song We All Stand Together and the man himself has given the track his blessing.

He has even agreed to waive all the royalties meaning that all monies raised from the single sales will go directly to the various charities involved.

The single is the first song from an album of cover songs with an inspiring message of hope, involving singers from the Missing People Choir who were finalists on Britain's Got Talents in 2017, The Parrs Wood High School Harmony Group, who

performed alongside Ariana Grande at the One Love Manchester concert and The Greenwich and Lewisham NHS Choir, who hit the top spot back in Christmas 2015, to name but a few.

Together, the 12 choirs are collectively known as Choirs With Purpose and they have all recorded a cover song which encapsulates their message on album, not to mention the 1600 singers who also perform on the single too.

For me, it was simply a no brainer when I was asked to sing on both the album and the single.

I've sang in and with choirs my whole life, from the St Bridget's 10.30 Choir when I was a child, to the Govan Gaelic Choir and more recently working with the incredible Soundsational Choir for my one woman Christmas Shows.

This and the fact there were so many incredible charities benefiting from the single and album sales, including the One Love Manchester Appeal and MND Scotland, made it very easy for me to say yes immediately.

We shot the video in the gorgeous Gorbal Sound studios in Glasgow and I recorded an original track called Clouds for the album.

When it came to the single however, I was utterly blown away with the arrangement and how beautiful it sounded with the choirs and orchestra.

I was extremely familiar with the original recording, although I knew it as the frog chorus, and I used to love the video when I was a wee girl as it began with a cartoon of all the frogs singing away and I'm sure Rupert the Bear was in it too.

I never really paid attention to the lyrics but when it came my turn to sing them in the studio, I was struck by how beautiful they were and how poignant the words still are all these years later in 2017.

It's been another tough old year with tragedy after tragedy happening all around the world and somehow the words in this song, written more than 30 years ago, are as real today as they were then. No matter what we all do, we should stand together and it has to be love over hate every single time.

I really hope this single and album do really well this Christmas because I want each of these 12 very special charities to receive as much money as possible, as every single penny is so vital.

The single, We All Stand Together, performed by myself and the phenomenal Choirs With Purpose is out on November 24, with the album following a few weeks later on December 15.

I know at Christmas money can be tight but if you can possibly buy a copy of this beautiful single you will be helping so many wonderful families up and down the country who are so deserving.

Happy first birthday to my darling little niece Cara Casey.

You're the love of all of our lives along with your big brother Sam and I can't believe you're a whole year old already.

I love you very much and I can't wait to see you at your party tomorrow. Lots of love from your Auntie Michelle xxx