IT is obvious there is a shortage of affordable housing in Glasgow with many people desperate for their first home or to move into a property that suits their needs.

It is also obvious to anyone who cares to look across the city there is a lot of vacant land in brownfield sites.

It makes perfect sense for the council to release this land to developers and to housing associations to allow them to build the homes people need.

There are many sites which were used for housing but were cleared in demolitions to improve the city’s housing stock.

This commitment from the council to build 25,000 homes means those areas of land must now be made available to those willing and able to build homes.

Releasing land is only part of the house building equation, as social housing providers are dependent on housing grants from the Scottish Government to provide affordable homes to rent.

The council target is to be welcomed and the Scottish Government targets are also welcome but the fact is neither will actually build houses but both hold the key to others being able to do so.

A concerted approach of adequate funding, appropriate land release and building the right mix of properties is required.

Local and national government must work together for the housebuilders to get what they need to meet the needs of the population.