GLASGOW Airport has had a very busy July with almost 1 million passengers continuing with what has so far been a successful 2015.

It may not come as much of a surprise given the weather at home, maybe every cloud does indeed have a silver lining, for airport bosses at least.

The success, of course, is not down to the weather but the hard work of the management and staff and the efforts of agencies like the City Marketing Bureau to promote Glasgow abroad.

Most of the traffic is from holiday flights, but business travel plays a significant part as well making connections with London and other European cities crucial for Glasgow.

As well as people heading out from Glasgow, the success of the city in hosting big events like the Piping Live festival going on now and many international sporting events following from the Commonwealth Games is bringing people in.

Which is why it has to be easy to get into Glasgow as well as get out on holiday.

The airport will be eager to contribute to the consultation on reducing and replacing Air Passenger Duty announced by the Scottish Government to take place this year.

The approach must be designed to ensure our airports are well placed to put our cities at the centre of European and world travel and not on the periphery.

A successful airport is a sign of a successful city.