READING about the new super-strength opiate which can be up to 10,000 times deadlier than street heroin (Evening Times July 3), as a retired officer working in the north of the city I’ve seen first hand the misery the grief and the horrors of drug abuse.

I’ve seen kids leave secondary school with no hope and turn to hard drugs and the hell it brings.

I saw all the initiatives and none of them worked.

Legislation is about the only initiative that hasn’t been tried.

If this new drug mentioned in the report does become available here then it won’t be long before it’s effects become evident.

The police do what they can but in reality they merely scratch the surface.

Johnny Mack, posted online

More resources

LET’S get that drug facility opened up in Glasgow quick.

This Government can’t wait to sponsor the demise of a few addicts.

Never mind putting millions into rehab, just let them kill themselves instead.

Let’s not resource police so they can investigate and crack down on the dealers. Let’s overwhelm the little resources we have by giving them people traffickers and the Govanhill ghetto to really reduce police resources for all.

Cheers Scottish Government, what a job you’re doing!

Carol Daly, posted online

New idea needed

READING about police ruling out an onsite testing facility for drugs at TRNSMT on Friday (Evening Times online July 2), this is a pity.

While I can’t say for sure if any of the three deaths at last year’s T in the Park would have been avoided if testing was available, the police’s zero tolerance approach then never stopped the three taking them.

David Callaghan, posted online

Free transport

I READ the story about the Government’s poverty advisor saying young people under 25 should get free or cut price public transport to help tackle inequality (Evening Times July 4).

I am sure this was raised as part of the Scottish Socialist Alliance Manifesto by Rosie Kane way back in 2007.

In fact, the SSA went further and suggested that bus journeys could be free for all travellers if the private sector profiteers were removed from running bus services.

I never agreed with much the SSA had to offer but this was the one genuine possibility they got right.

Kevan Navek, posted online