REGARDING the incident in Castlemilk where one man died and another was shot (Evening Times, July 10), my condolences go to the family who have lost a son.

I hope Police Scotland get to the bottom of this matter and that the dock at the High Court is filled to the brim with all the miscreants involved.

Again a firearms incident at a childs playpark illustrating that these desperadoes have no care whatsoever for the consequences of their actions.

I think its time that the Government and the Judiciary upped the ante for serious crimes involving guns as it looks to me that firearms are readily available to the criminal fraternity.

Johnny Mack, via web

BRAVO Evening Times, you really are the newspaper for the people of Glasgow. You reported the great story about Katie Ford, on the 12-hour cycle in the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, breaking world records (Evening Times. July 10).

I watched Katie in the Velodrome for about an hour, but to go on for 12 hours round and round, undeliverable. Also, to do that and to raise awareness for epilepsy, which is a condition very close to my heart too, is incredible.

Katie has been through the mill and back, suffering with all those operations she has had to deal with through her life, which makes her even more of a hero.

What an amazing amount of money that she has raised for charity, where it will go [a long way] to helping people.

Good luck to Katie for her life, in the future and well done.

Margaret Rossi, Shettleston, via post.

READING about golfers asking for asking for a Glasgow-Life run clubhouse to be fixed (Evening Times, July 10, maybe they will get round to reopening Langside Halls which was closed with no consultation and almost no notice. Despite being closed to the community, Glasgow Life did bring in temporary heating to open as a Polling Station because of the income it brought it.

Given that the heating is turned off over the summer anyway it begs the question whether the plan is just to leave it closed.

Glasgow Life themselves declared that they wished to close the facility but couldn't due to the fact that there are no other community facilities in the area and utilisation was high.

Andrew Montgomery, via web

THE PROBLEM with pupils from St Thomas' primary not getting in to their feeder secondary St Andrew's (Evening Times, July 10), has been happening for years.

I left in 2000 and had the same problems. 45 students have been lucky they used to only let a couple of kids with siblings in St. Andrew's attend, and even that wasn't a guarantee.

My sister and I had placing requests in different years and both of us had to attend St Mungo's for approximately one month before we finally got into St. Andrew's, which meant a completely different school uniform had to be bought when we finally got in. Boundaries need to change its unnecessary stress for kids going to high school.

Fiona Lavery, via web