I AGREE with Nicola Sturgeon (Evening Times July 11), working class Scots will rue the day they lent the Tories their vote...and all for the wrong reasons!

Until The Big Lie that Scotland is too wee too poor to be what every other country is - independent - we will continue to suffer under Tory England.

We should be grateful we have in the SNP a socially caring government.

May’s disastrous election result saw her survive only with the help of the controversial DUP, without that help the Tories openly bragged about withdrawing the winter heating allowance on the grounds that OAPs are well off.

Until The Big Lie is exposed for Scots to see we will continue to be kept back and in our place. A subservient impoverished region of their YooKay.

Robert Wallace, posted online

Shameful attack

THATCHERISM is alive and well in the form of reader Johnny Mack. (Evening Times July 10)

His diatribe attacking many hard working conscience working class people is nothing short of shameful.

Castigating tenants for attempting to form a housing group to protect themselves following the recent preventable tragedy in Grenfell is out of order.

Thankfully not everyone chooses to live in the mortgage rat race, and choose to rent from well maintained local authority housing.

Ian M Wilson, Glasgow North

Ridiculous idea

I THINK the council are being ridiculous to even consider banning Orange Order marches (Evening Times July 4).

What happened to civil and religious liberty? The Orange Orders should be free to walk where and when they desire.

We should never be stopped from celebrating our history and culture.

Isabel Strain, posted online

Ban all marches

ONE day we will look back and wonder why on earth Sectarian marches were tolerated on the streets of Glasgow.

I and the decent minded majority of Glaswegians look forward to the day they are banned. Both Republican and Orange.

Just get on with it and get them off our streets.

If they want to march then some disused industrial estate on the outskirts of the city would be suitable for their awful unsightly bigoted parades to march around in their unsightly uniforms in.

John Monaghan, posted online