THE racist abuse which Celtic player Scott Sinclair was subjected to at a football match earlier this year continues. (Evening Times July 12)

He and his family are still the target for online racism of the worst kind.

A photograph of a prepared bonfire in Belfast has a disgraceful banner displaying sickening racism against the player.

Why are a certain section of our society apparently immune from any criticism or punishment for these barbarians in our midst.

The authorities and the media continue to turn a blind eye so we have to assume tacit approval.

Anthony Martin, Glasgow

No substance

I APPRECIATE that a columnist’s views don’t necessarily represent the publication’s, but I find it depressing that Nicola Sturgeon’s attacks on the Conservative party are more personal than of substantial salient point. (Evening Times July 11)

She appears to forget that the party she’s very much in charge of lost about 25% of their voters, yet both in Scotland and indeed across the UK the Conservatives INCREASED their share of the vote.

Regardless of the outcome of the recent general election, most parties would welcome that degree of dismal.

She points out there’s divergence in the Brexit situation in the Tories, but Labour are the same.

I’ve read reports that one in three SNP voters voted leave.

Just because the SNP adopt a very strict, top down power system shows that the other parties are probably in tune with the nation as opposed to what they want to hear.

Graham Keddie, Kendal Avenue, Glasgow

Coalition idea

IF Nicola Sturgeon she had half a brain she would be in coalition at Westminster and getting everything that we in Scotland need.

But wait she cannot be in Westminster as she has not got the cahoonies to stand as an MP.

She is the sitting man for the WORST area of Glasgow, where people are living in slums (Govanhill) but maybe that was somebody else’s fault as well.

William Findlay, posted online

Shocking act

READING about the cowards who caused a pensioner to fall to the ground after a mugging (Evening Times July 12), I hope the lady recovers from this horrible episode.

I also hope the desperadoes concerned are cornered like the rats they are.

In a small place such as this, I’m sure the detectives will soon be on their trail.

Johnny Mack, posted online