ISOBEL Strain says Orange parades should be free to walk wherever they desire and talks about the ‘culture’. (Evening Times letters July 12)

Would that be the anti-Catholic culture which we have to endure in this backward little country of ours?

If the same bile was aimed at other ethnic communities there would rightly be outrage.

Time to bring this discrimination to an end but don’t hold your breath.

Anthony Martin, Glasgow

Shoddy checks

READING about the fact that the Queen Elizabeth University hospital had combustible insulation panels found on Grenfell Tower (Evening Times July 12), as I understand it all the checking has been word of mouth and no actual testing has taken place.

They just asked the local authorities and the local authorities said they didn’t have the same cladding as Grenfell in their high rise properties.

Anyone looking at the four inch thick woolly stuff that lies under the new cladding in all our high rises will realise that that is combustible!

And while I’m on this role who thought it a good idea to build Scotland’s largest hospital right beside a sewerage works?

Edward Burns, posted online

No problem

EVERY single area of the hospital has a sprinkler system.

There have never been multiple fatalities in a building in the UK where a sprinkler system has been fitted.

And as long as the panels were fitted correctly, combined with all the other safety measures in the hospital, fire escapes, smoke detection systems of which there are many, then I don’t see a problem.

The problem with Grenfell was not just the panels.

It was the lack of a sprinkler system, no emergency lighting or alarms and a single staircase.

Iain MacDonald, posted online

Entire system

YOU can’t just take the insulation or panels in isolation - it is fully dependent the entire fire management system in place.

Grenfell was designed to contain the fire within each flat.

However, it would appear that the new cladding and insulation allowed the fire to spread by bypassing this containment.

If a sprinkler system had been installed, the fire would have been put out.

John Smith, posted online