I READ again in the Evening Times (July 13) that the council are to introduce a charge for residents to park outside their house in Partick.

I do not understand why it is ok for residents in other parts of the city, like Govan, to be allowed free residents parking but not Partick.

Is this because the local MSP is Humza Yousaf, the Transport Minister? Do they get preferential treatment?

There should be a level playing field - the council should not be making money out of ANY residents in Glasgow.

Robert Malone, Partick

In her defence

IN response to William Findlay (Evening Times letters July 13), Nicola Sturgeon is an MSP that is why she is not an MP.

I agree that if she had half a brain she would be in a coalition with the Tories.

Thank God though she has a whole brain.

Although parts of her constituency could be classed as slum much of Govan has greatly improved but then you can say that about many areas of any city.

PS. she is the sitting woman not man. Probably that is why she doesn’t have the cahonies. (Not cahoonies).

David Gartshore, via email

Charity at home

HOW I wish I had the faith, trust and confidence in Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP that Robert Wallace (Evening Times July 12) has.

If Nicola and co are so wonderful, how does he explain the terrible state of her own constituency, Govanhill.

How does he explain the loss of “loyal” SNP supporters in the last election?

How does he explain why so many people from other “independent” countries are risking their lives to get into the UK?

Call me old fashioned Robert, but I thought “charity begins at home” not sending millions of taxpayers money to other countries without knowing what happens to it.

Sadly Robert, there is an old saying that “politics is the conduct of public affairs for private advantage”.

Frank McKain, Otago Park, East Kilbride

Bilious reader

I APPLAUD your reader Ian M Wilson and his letter in the Evening Times on July 12.

It has taken me until now to suppress my anger and try to articulate some kind of response to the bile spouted by reader Johnny Mack, who, maybe in the true spirit of Thatcherism, should change his name to Johnny (well I’am alright) Jack.

John Rodgers, Glasgow