I AGREE with David Gartshore (Evening Times letters, July17) when he wrote in ‘defence’ of Nicola Sturgeon.

He said “Although parts of her constituency could be classed as a slum much of Govan has greatly improved.”

It is a pity the same cannot be said of her constituency – Govanhill, where conditions appear to be getting worse.

Peter Dawson, East Kilbride

Applaud efforts

READING about the Glasgow MP bidding to outlaw firms offering unpaid trial shifts for workers (Evening Times July 17), I applaud this effort to ban this.

As the father of teenagers who have had to jump through this exploitative hoop it is a stain on our society that we allow our younger generations to be ripped off like this.

Jay Robertson, posted online

End exploitation

UNPAID shifts are yet another con by employers willing to exploit the unemployed as a free workforce.

I am not a teenager. I had worked in my job for 5 years before being made redundant.

I then applied for an identical job with another company only to be asked to do a one week unpaid work trial to see if I “ had the right mindset” for the needs of that company.

I refused and was told immediately that they (the company) would inform the DWP of my refusal. Luckily I was not signing on for Jobseekers and could not be sanctioned but it was still a threat.

How many others did they exploit?

Kevan Navek, posted online

No excuse

HOW awful to read of the puppy dumped in a skip (Evening Times July 17).

There is absolutely no excuse for “dumping” any pet nowadays. There are multiple animal welfare agencies who would help.

I’m pretty sure even the animal charity shops would help if you walked in with an unwanted pet by at least calling the proper rescue agency.

Jim Jones, posted online

Bring to book

THE poor puppy would have been so scared.

How anyone could that - then just go on about their normal business, knowing they had condemned the puppy to what would have been a lingering painful death.

No excuse not to leave with an animal charity. I hope there is CCTV of the area, and the perpetrator is found.

Lizzie F, posted online