WELL, now we have a possible reason for all the repeats on the BBC - the amount of money they pay the so called stars.

This decision to reveal the monies paid to some BBC “stars” was instigated by Westminster.

So will we see the MPs following suit and telling us the voters 1/ do they have any financial links “directly or indirectly” to private health companies, 2/ what is their relationship to companies who lobby at Westminster (do they get paid) and how many of them have offshore trust funds so avoiding tax.

These things must be declared ( I know someone is going to tell me that each MP must declare their interests).

But when we have young kids going to school without a breakfast, we need MPs in Westminster to be there not to line their pockets but to do the job they are paid for.

Jim Tees, by email

Glimmer of hope

I READ with alarm the worsening plight of Glaswegians who find themselves without a home (Evening Times July 19).

The desperate poverty that drives people to this is heart rending.

There is a glimmer of light though, Mike Dailly, boss of the Govan Law Centre, has been talking of a way to end homelessness at the stroke of a pen.

He has been working with the new Glasgow City Council and there are high hopes.

All power to your elbow Mr Dailly.

Phil Chalmers, Cathcart

Age old problem

READING about the drunk teenagers invading Troon (Evening Times July 19), these kids have been causing problems for a few years now.

Most of them are teenagers so many of them are still at school or at college.

Underage drinking, throwing bottles at the police and fighting on the beach. Many of them falling about drunk. All in the presence of families and young children.

I was down at Irvine beach yesterday and a pair of lassies, no older than 14, had a large bottle of vodka.

Another girl no older than 16 was staggering down the street almost unable to walk.

It is sad that they feel the need to drink. It just says that there is something plainly wrong with childhood for many of them.

Iain MacDonald, posted online

Rainy deterrent

IT’S probably good we don’t have the greatest of weather or our sea side towns would be full of youngster getting boozed up every day.

Rain keeps them away so here’s hoping.

Peter Quinn, posted online