NICE to see the BBC “girls” are demanding equality and the same salaries as the boys. Fair enough.

Sadly however, the ladies do not demand that the men’s salaries be reduced to the same as theirs and that all be paid a set fee thus getting their equality and saving the taxpayers a few quid in the process.

I wonder if we legally have to pay a licence fee if we watch TV via Virgin or Sky and block all BBC programmes.

Anyone who wants BBC programmes can pay a licence fee.

What then would the celebrities salaries be?

Frank McKain, via email

Repaint road

I WOULD like to give you an update on the Hillington Roundabout road markings.

I wrote to you regarding this and thank you for publishing my letter on the November 4 2016 when I asked that the Glasgow City Council please repaint the road markings as they were becoming very very faint in certain areas and were causing motorists problems.

This roundabout in Glasgow must be one of the most used as it has access to the M8, Renfrew, Govan, Ibrox, Hillington, Cardonald and Braehead.

I would now like to advise Glasgow City Council that the road markings at this roundabout are now ‘non existent’ in most areas.

As I said previously this roundabout is bad enough for drivers who use it on a regular basis trying to get into the correct lane position, however for drivers who are not familiar with this roundabout they are all over the place as they don’t know where they are going.

Is this going to take a serious accident before Glasgow City Council take note and do something about this problem.

E Kavanagh, Crookston

Unique problem

I READ Robert Malone’s letter (Evening Times July 17) raising concerns about parking charges in Partick, and why it is unfair as people in Govan are not charged.

Govan has a unique problem with parking due to the ill-judged decision to build a super hospital on our doorstep, Partick does not have this problem.

However, the main reason people in Govan will get free residents parking is because the current council administration made it a specific and clear promise in the election, supported by the local MSP Humza Yousaf, and MP Chris Stephens.

If Partick people feel strongly enough they should lobby their local politicians.

In Govan the SNP politicians have listened to the people and acted.

Tony McLean, Drumoyne