I WAS shocked that a recent survey of begging in Glasgow was apparently accepted by the city council without vociferous questioning by politicians. (Evening Times July 26)

Glasgow must be the most surveyed city in the UK.

When officials are put under pressure about an issue the response seems to be we will conduct a detailed survey - not we will sort it.

The survey proposes that officials will act with partner agencies to hopefully address the complex issues around begging.

What for goodness sake does that mean?

I take it, it means absolutely nothing. There is no list of actions proposed only that the carrot rather than the stick should be used.

Meanwhile tourism suffers, businesses suffer, shoppers stay away from the city centre and go to out of town shopping centres where begging is not allowed.

This would not be tolerated outside Buckingham Palace so why should it be tolerated here?

If we want to help beggars we can’t just let them sit. There must be more action.

Glasgow stopped public street drinking, the sale of legal highs, and the selling of offensive weapons so let’s see a more dynamic approach to the issue. No more surveys please.

Bill Love, by email

No deterrent

AN 18 year old boy found with £1600 worth of class A drugs which he admits he was going to sell to friends has in excess of £600 cash in his possession. (Evening Times July 26)

So we have a drug dealer out to make money and ruin people’s lives.

Sheriff Bonnar sentences him to 225 hours of unpaid work!

Well that’s bound to deter him from trying that again.

I think we need to be having a serious look at who appoints our judges.

L.J.T, Glasgow

Sad accident?

READING about the dogs that died after being poisoned, were they left unattended in a communal back? (Evening Times July 28)

This could all be a very sad accident.

Jack Russells can be very inquisitive, boundless energy but also very nippy as most terriers are.

Sad, very sad, but at least the family were good decent owners and loved the dogs.

Jay Robertson, posted online


THE poor wee fur babies.

How absolute heartbreaking for all the family.

I hope they find out what bloody irresponsible individuals did this to their pups.

Clare McGrath, posted online