SURELY Police Scotland should be looking to arrest the vile Celtic supporters who were committing a hate crime singing a horrible song about the murdered soldier, Lee Rigby. (Evening Times August 1)

To see videos of Celtic supporters singing songs of a murdered British service personnel is nothing new.

But now with the hate crime law being in force , the authorities must us it to rid us of this scum at and around any event.

Billy McVitie, Tollcross Road, Parkhead

Ban these fans

THESE are the type of fans who need lifetime bans from football.

They are not footy fans, they are just scumbags, and shouldn’t be associated with the good fans who follow Celtic!

Same with the Rangers fans who attacked and robbed the charity worker in Sheffield. Ban them all!

If we do this, maybe soon the message will get out and we can get back to having banter!

Baz Mason, posted online

Not welcome

THESE people are just idiots.

It’s up to the Celtic fans more than anyone to get rid of these people from their support and ensure they’re not welcome along to support the club any longer.

Name and address supplied

Shameful act

THIS is shameful behaviour.

We have tens of thousands following our team every week only for a handful to bring us down.

To sing about someone’s death is distasteful.

Andy M, posted online

Too lenient

READING about the Lib Dems plan to end prison sentences under 12 months (Evening Times July 31), this is yet more SNP/Libdem austerity and cutbacks.

Let’s face it, their only interest in this is cutting the number of prisoners and saving money.

Why bother locking folk up at all, let’s just have a jail in the community programme.

We’d save a fortune on prisons which SNP ministers could sell off to their mates for big profits.

Of course the crime and murder rates would sky rocket but hey ho, MPs have to make their money somehow.

Between legalising drugs and now trying to legalise small crime, where is the country going with these trendy lentil eating loonies ?

Iain McKenzie, posted online