READING about Ashley Storrie and her mum Janey Godley (Evening Times July 31), both of these ladies have humour in abundance.

And it’s the type of humor that just pounces in an instant and comes from being very clear observers of life.

I read what they write and listen to what they broadcast and enjoy all of their material and they have different styles.

Long may they continue and entertain.

What I do wish is that a few muppets in the audience would just stop bad mouthing them.

If you don’t like, don’t listen.

Tom Taylor, posted online

Great humour

GREAT article about the very funny Ashley.

I love her observations and humour, and I share her love of Star Trek and Harry Potter!

As for Janey, well the limelight of this article is reserved for Ashley but Janey is indeed an amazing storyteller and comedienne.

Looking forward to seeing her in Edinburgh

Karen Jones, posted online

My kind of people

I CAME across Ashley and Janey online and follow their Facebook pages and podcasts.

They get some amount of hate and I just don’t understand it. If you don’t like their comedy - don’t read the article, don’t watch the video, it’s not hard!

Plus it’s not just negative comments, it’s often outright abuse, a lot of it sexist.

I think Ashley is brilliant and it’s great to see a young Scottish woman working so hard to make it in comedy.

Janey is great too, but the best videos are with both of them and one makes the other laugh, it gets me every time!

As well as their comedy they are also good at political satire and writing as well.

They are my kind of people - straight-talking, sharp, dry, sometimes silly, Scottish wit.

I hope to make it to see them live some day.

Name and address withheld

Ban these 'fans'

IN relation to the story about Rangers fans stealing from a charity collector in a green shirt, (Evening Times August 1) these scumbags and so called fans from both Rangers and Celtic should be banned from all stadiums.

They are a disgrace and give us all a bad press!

Dave McKinlay, posted online

Bad as each other

RANGERS and Celtic 'fans' are all as bad as each other.

Daria Romano Zecchino, posted online