WHEN are Ofgem going to do what they are supposed to - hold these energy companies to account. Inflation is running at around 2.5% how do they justify a 12.5% rise?

There is a finite cost for the generation of all electricity in this country. There is also a finite cost for running the National Grid add these two costs together and you get the cost of electricity in this country.

The cost of 1 kilowatt should be the same in all parts of the country.

Since privatisation, the energy companies have been allowed to confuse the consumers with all sorts of tariffs and charges when there should be a national set price they should be allowed to charge.

William Allan, East Kilbride

Be consistent

BILLY McVitie states that the police should arrest those Celtic fans who were singing a vile song about Lee Rigby and rightly so. (Evening Times letter August 2)

As a Celtic fan for over 50 years I, and many other supporters, were disgusted by this. It would appear there seems to be a contest going on between some football fans to see who can be the most vile and hateful.

Police should be consistent and also tackle those who sing songs about killing Catholics and making hateful insinuations about child abuse.

Anthony Martin, Glasgow

Allegiances limit

MY city of Sheffield is in the view of many visitors, England’s friendliest city by some margin.

You can then understand how aggrieved the population feel about the severe harassment, by Glasgow Rangers fans, of John Burkill, charity fund raiser for Macmillan Cancer.

John is known to virtually everyone in the city. He sadly he lost his wife to cancer and his daughter, during a routine operation. In response he has devoted his life to fundraising for Macmillan and has completed 950 races for Macmillan.

John was chosen to receive the British Empire Medal for his services to charity in 2013.

Sadly, he had the misfortune to be wearing green, of course the Macmillan colour, outside Sheffield Wednesday’s Hillsborough during Glasgow Rangers visit. We all know of course what green means to some Rangers supporters, but how on earth could they target this man?

I was at the match myself, the Glaswegians were made extremely welcome and of course the vast majority were exuberant, fun and a credit to their city and beyond.

I understand those same many excellent Rangers fans are now fund raising for John, credit to them. But I would hope this single incident will contribute to an understanding, not just in Glasgow, that football allegiances must have a limit. If not the game, and those who watch it are sadly devalued.

Nick Graham, Sheffield